Soil Building for Gardeners and Climate Activists

We can improve our own health and well-being while sequestering excess atmospheric carbon by learning to take care of the soil beneath our feet. This is not just a project for farmers; it a project for everyone.

This 2-day class series is for those who want to understand what it takes to create healthy soil for both plants and planet. Human health, prosperity, and resilience are dependent on both high quality foods and on a stable and reliable climate to grow the plants that are the source of that food. A living, carbon-rich soil creates both of these.

October 21 Workshop Topics:

  • The Bio-Cycles of Healthy Soil, part 1: This is a process-based look at soil chemistry and soil structure. We will examine the relationship of soil microbes to the minerals and chemistry of the soil with an emphasis on how they contribute to creating soil aggregates – the key to moving carbon and water into the soil.
  • Plants as Soil Builders: Plants are much more active in choosing and working with microbial partners and in foraging for nutrients and water than is widely realized. We will be taking a close look at what goes on in the root zone – the rhizosphere – and how that contributes to a healthy soil.
  • Key Techniques to Building Healthy Soil: The focus will be on mulch and compost, two of the most effective techniques for supporting soil biology. We will discuss details of materials to use, pitfalls to avoid, and how to grow successfully using these techniques.

November 4 Workshop Topics:

  • The Bio-Cycles of Healthy Soil, part 2: Continuing our process-based look at the movement of nutrients in the soil, we will dive deeper into the soil food web – that web of life that creates a rich and living soil that sequesters carbon, nitrogen, and other minerals. We will explore the role of earthworms, gophers, and other soil creatures. in creating healthy nutrient and water cycles.
  • Carbon, Energy, and Water: While much soil information continues to emphasize the role of nitrogen, carbon is truly the king of living soil. We will learn about the Soil Regeneration Cascade, exploring how the activity of plants, soil microbes, and larger soil creatures combine to create a synergistic flow that stores carbon and water in the soil where we need them while growing plants that offer us the peak of nutrition.
  • Beginning Biodynamics: Biodynamics is an agricultural system that takes up where organics leaves off. We will take an introductory look at cosmic and atmospheric growth factors on plants and animals, silica-clay-lime interactions, biodynamic composting preparations, biodynamic field sprays, and the farm as organism.

Workshops are 9:30am – 3:30pm, with a 45-minute lunch break. Please bring your own lunch! Held at Bluebird Farm, 11153 Cement Hill Road, Nevada City, CA.

You will also receive a weekly email between the two workshops to fill out the information we cover in class, to keep you stoked, and to provide links to web resources. In addition, workshop participants can opt to receive an on-site consultation with either Tom or Renee Wade at your garden location and get $20 off the regular consultation fee.

Cost: October Workshop $60 / Both Workshops $100 – Must attend the October 21 workshop in order to attend the one in November. Pre-registration required.

Both workshops taught by Tom and Renee Wade, certified Permaculture Designers along with guest teacher and Biodynamic farmer Marney Blair of Fulcrum Farm.

Tom and Renee are both certified Permaculture Design consultants, farmers, and landscapers with over 40 years combined experience. Renee is also the author of The Living Earth Handbook: Creating Sustainability from the Inside Out. She holds a degree in Ecological Agriculture. Tom is a talented storyteller with an amazing capacity to bring the details to life. Marney is a biodynamic farmer and compost expert. She is also active with the Slow Food movement.

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The Real Dirt on Soil Workshop

Discover the secret to healthy soil: biology and carbon! Soil science is in a huge growth phase, similar to that being experienced by modern medicine as both discover this new “organ” within our bodies and planet, created by the beneficial microbes that live in collaboration with us.

Soil that is rich in biology will create its own balanced nutrient-dense chemistry, creating super healthy plants that are not bothered by insects or disease. Such soil is also essential to re-establishing a healthy carbon cycle and mitigating climate change. Knowing how to kickstart and support your soil’s microorganisms is the key, and autumn is an ideal time to start this process.

In this 3-hour workshop you will learn:

  • Which common garden practices have the biggest effect on your soil’s health.
  • How soil health translates directly into plant health and your health.
  • The common myths about nitrogen that make for pest-attracting plants.
  • How to create a rich soil that cycles nutrients sustainably.
  • How to create humus-rich compost that feeds the soil life needed to support robust plants.
  • Why healthy soil is also drought resistant.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Taught by Tom and Renee Wade, innovative farmers and permaculture designers with over 45 years combined experience building healthy soil.

Sliding Scale Fee: $15 – $30

Held at Bluebird Farm in Nevada City, CA

Contact: to register.