The Living Earth Handbook

Do you long to live in deeper harmony with nature? The Living Earth Handbook is your map and guide:

  • Uncover the distorted map guiding our personal and cultural systems away from sustainability.
  • Learn about the most powerful evolutionary tool used on this planet – and how you can use it to enrich your health and relationships.
  • Discover the scientific basis for intuition.
  • Learn simple techniques for connecting to your wise internal guidance.
  • Learn how to connect to Nature’s intelligence to find rest and rejuvenation, peace of mind, and access to your unlimited creativity.
  • Discover a practical path to a happier and healthier future.

Nautilus Book Award – Gold Winner for 2017 in Science & Cosmology.

What readers say:

“…deeply perceptive and thoughtfully organized. Read this book!” – David K.

“The Living Earth Handbook stimulates your mind while bringing your heart into focus. It feels good to read it because it contains so many of the solutions the world is asking for and because it applies to everything – even marketing and business. This is a book I can read again and again and get something new from it every time. I’m so glad this book got written. It helps me to entrain to these brilliant ideas”. -Alana L.

“I was blown away by this book! It was exactly what I needed to read at the perfect time for where I was – it really helped shift me from intellectually knowing about connectedness to feeling and experiencing interconnectedness at a deeper level. I read this book every night before bed, and on most nights, I had dreams about the content, as though it was seeping deeper into my consciousness. Thank you for taking the time and having the courage to share your personal story, your vulnerability, and your inspiration so beautifully for the rest of us!!” -Rachel Berry, Sierra Botanica

“I am touched by this book, and I love its sweet tone. The 8 playful exercises all resonated with me, and I go back to them frequently. This is just what I need to nurture myself through this strange time on our planet.” -Cathe Fish, Practical Permaculture Research Institute

“This book is remarkable, comprehensive, and amazing. It is written with personal grounded experience, scientific knowledge, and heart. Renee weaves together biology, chemistry, soil science, physics, wonder, and curiosity in telling this story of our living Earth, creating a story from the fine, resilient threads of love, intuition, and connection. She gives us tools to connect and collaborate with the nurturing of ourselves as well as with life on this planet. This is all deep work offered in a light-hearted way. So fine! “- Margo Cooper, Founder of Sunlight Botanicals

“I’ve slowed down my reading because I really want to savor this book.” – Dawn S.

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