Permaculture Services

Take your Landscape to the next level!

Soil and Water Consulting

Soil is the foundation for a healthy life. It influences the nutrients in our foods, the fresh water cycling throughout our planet, the health of our immune systems, and so much more! Living soils are the key to a robust and regenerative environment. When you learn to work from a wholistic perspective, one that places the health of the soil as a top priority, you create a community of organisms working together for the health and vitality of all.

Soil has a profound impact on water. It is through the work of healthy soil that we are able to infiltrate the rain that falls and store that water for later use. Adding just 1% organic matter into your soil can increase the ground’s water holding capacity by 16,000 gallons. We can each participate in assisting our landscapes to work effectively with the water cycle, healing the causes of drought and desertification while creating lush landscapes that provide a wealth of food and medicine.

If you would like to regenerate your soil and learn how to work effectively with water, I can help! Contact me to learn more.

Permaculture Medicine Gardens

Would you like a beautifully designed landscape that feeds you and your family, both body and soul?

Permaculture Medicine Gardens are beautiful and bountiful gardens whose rich, living soils grow the nourishing foods, herbs, and flowers that support human health and vitality. They also sequester carbon, infiltrate and store water, and create habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife.

This is medicine for all!

Contact me to learn more or to schedule an initial consultation.

The Wisdom Oasis

This is gardening at the leading edge, creating space to connect your heart to the heart of nature. Wild Nature is a place of healing because wild places resonate in coherence. They are Whole

A Wisdom Oasis is a place of integration. It is a space for turning daily stress and information overload into everyday wisdom through a garden that connects into nature’s information processing software, leading you simply and calmly into your own Wholeness.

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