Looking for a way to reset and reconnect to Nature and to your wild self?

One/Shifting may be your answer.

What is One/Shifting?

Think of it as an exercise or stretching class for your wild and indigenous self, the part of you that knows how to be a part of nature, but gets out way too little.

One/Shifting is designed to offer support to all of us who are re-membering and re-learning how to walk with connection, grace, and partnership in both wild and human communities.

As with any yoga or exercise class, there are routines and exercises that we do in every session, warming up and strengthening key parts of our body-mind-spirit systems. Each class also contains some new stuff – games, meditations, or embodying practices that connect us more deeply to all the parts of this beautiful world and to our Whole Selves.

Some of the practices we use in the class are those described in my book. Many are my own intuitive adaptation of practices I have learned from others. A few will be new and made up on the spot!

We are a part of Nature – a valuable and important part. It’s time to step into our abilities. It’s time to remember and live from our wholeness.

One/Shifting will continue in a new format in 2023. Interested in updates? Sign up for the email list or Contact me and I will keep you posted.