Soil Classes

Current soil science shows that healthy, nutrient-rich soil is a living matrix whose biological members – bacteria, fungi, roots, worms, etc. – are the most important elements of your soil. In this understanding, carbon becomes the most essential fertilizer, far ahead of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other minerals.

Our soil classes are designed to help you take this new understanding of soils and integrate it into practical steps that can enrich your garden, farm, or ranch while building a landscape that catches and infiltrates rainfall and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.

If you have a group or organization that would like an interactive, fun, and stimulating soil education, we are happy to travel to your location to share our excitement, understanding, and knowledge about all things soil.

We offer half day, full day and 2-day workshops, depending on your needs. Contact us to inquire.

Join us for the 2020 Medicine Garden Program!

Taught in collaboration with Heather Luna and the Acorn School of Herbal Medicine this program combines the best of soil, herbal, and OneShifting practices. New to the 2020 program is a set of 3-day intensives designed to make the program accessible to those who can’t attend regular weekly classes. For details click on:

The Medicine Garden Program

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